Don’t stop believing

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When you are an innovator, you have a better chance of success and to make a difference. What’s evident is that when you are not innovative, your chances of being differentiating and as a result, successful, are limited. To be successful you have to be bold, not take ‘no’ for an answer and never give up. There is no easy road to success. True innovators often encounter resistance, disbelief and skepticism, but if you believe in your idea, keep pushing.

This attitude, passion and innovativeness are often characteristics of business start-ups: entrepreneurs waiting for a chance to prove themselves; putting all their effort, time, money in their beliefs. These people are visionaries, have courageous ideas and are not afraid to crash and burn when trying. They tell themselves to be different every day and never stop believing. And when they succeed they are known as pioneers who are revolutionary.

In 1901, Wilbur Wright said: “Man will not fly for fifty years.” This was right after his first aviation attempt. At that moment he almost believed these words and what everyone was already telling him: that flying could or should not been done by humans. However, he did not give up, kept on trying and two years later the Wright brothers made their first successful flight.

When it comes to business success, it is all about people. The company’s success lies in the hands of its employees. Sometimes great ideas can be trampled underfoot by negative energy, skepticism or stonewalling. But, if you are bold and never give up, you can overcome this and become a start-up entrepreneur. You may be disruptive, get pushed around, crash and burn multiple times, but eventually you will prove yourself and be the pioneer of the future!

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